The Offbeat One

I am always up for chicken cooked in any marination, chicken tikka being my favourite. Thinking about marination and grilled chicken got me into trying something offbeat.

The culinary practice of fowl eating was introduced by the East India Company when they were ruling India. Indians were never into eating chicken before the Britishers taught us. The royal families went on hunting and ate other birds, but chicken was consumed much later.

Green peas, what can I say about peas, they are my absolute favourites! I call them green pearls. Originated in Mediterrian region, peas are part of cuisines around the world. In India peas are used in chaats, one unique chaat being from Banaras where peas are fried and served.

Taking inspiration from the chaat, I have created a tangy, and spicy green peas marination for the chicken. And to add the bite of veggies, there is a beet, carrot, ginger, onion salad pickled and sautéed in mustard oil.

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