The Deceived One

Egg, Rice, Peanuts coming together for a dessert. Sounds weird, right?
But thats what is here on the plate today. I have been doing this 3 ingredients challenge for few weeks now and this is what was asked by my love, a dessert using these 3 ingredients.

Simple ingredients but using them in a savoury/sweet dish is tricky, it works or it just doesn’t, there is no in between. Eggs have been a part of pastry and savoury dishes preparations since forever. And what can I say for rice, its been with us since 3000-2500 BC, during Indus civilisation. Lastly, peanuts are widely used in Indian cuisine in dishes or as a snack.

The idea behind preparing the dish was to make it look opposite of what they are and taste sweet. Egg yolks have been cooked in sugar syrup and made look like rice, whereas rice balls are stuffed with peanut sauce and shaped somewhat like an egg. And of-course, my favourite thing to do with a dish, adding an element of crunch. No guesses here, it’s salted peanuts.

Its not a regular dish or something that everyone will enjoy, maybe more refined version of it would be a crowd pleaser. Wait for it…..

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