Diamond in the rough

This here is a beautiful example of how we are attached to our food, and how it travels to tell the tale, no matter where we go in life.

You might not have heard of the thing here but I am lucky enough to have this since my childhood. It’s something I never felt like eating, but thanks to my Nani, who is preparing various dishes using Cassava since her earlier days in Uganda. My Nani and the dishes, both moved to India just when anti-Indian racism was on rise in early 1960.

This brings me the root of the root here. It’s a root vegetable just like potatoes and yams. Cassava appears to have originated in Brazil and Paraguay, but has spread throughout tropical areas of South and Central America long before the arrival of Columbus. Today, it is one of the most important food crops of tropical countries throughout the world and ranks as the 6th most important food crop worldwide, even though in western countries it is little known or used. It can protect itself, it requires little maintenance, and it can grow in poor soil conditions.

Though Brazil is the origin country, Nigeria in 2014 produced around 270 million tons of Cassava, followed by Thailand & Brazil.

Coming back to Uganda, because that’s where the variation of it starts for me & my family. Cassava, was introduced in Uganda between 1862 and 1875, and is currently one of the most important staple food crops in the country.

My Nani makes some amazing gravy using Cassava and this fries here are the ultimate fries one can have! I bet, all of you reading, try this once & you will forget the typical French fries.(Btw, the French in french fries has nothing to do with french)

Also, the sabudana (Tapioca) that we love is nothing but the starch that’s extracted from roots of cassava plants.

PS: Dont eat cassava raw, might be toxic.

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