From the Peacock Throne

Meethi boliyaan sun lo
Aasmaani rangon ki
Meethi boliyaan sun lo
Bezubaani lamhon ki

As it’s commonly said in India, shuruwat tou meethe se hi hoti hai!
Here is ‘Sevaiyaan,’ a dish that I am fond of. The most beautiful thing about it is the creaminess & the nutty flavour.

I often think how things might have been decades & centuries ago.
This particular dish dates back to Mughal reign in India. The cooks in royal kitchens decided to make a ghee (clarified butter) and sugar dessert keeping vermicelli as its base. Milk was used but only moderately & finished with lots of nuts.

Sevaiyan that we get today in market is rolled out using machines, wondering how they handcrafted it, makes me love it more. However, not everything is lost in this instant world, handmade vermicelli can still be found in Old Hyderabad. If you get a chance do take a look at the art of making it because the machine made ones can never replace the taste that comes from the ones that are heartcrafted.

The word ‘Sevaiyaan’ however may have derived from Sanskrit word “Sevika”

Have a seat

Food completes the circle of creativity, passion, happiness & joy.

– Chef Ranveer Brar – –

What is The H Table ?
Well, to start off its a food journal that will have recipes, stories, & pictures of food that I cook. The H here stands for History, because I believe everything has a past, a start; history of & about food has always amazed me. H here also conveys the emotions of food being Handcrafted and stories around it being Heartcrafted. Finally, the H says that it’s by me, Het.

There are recipes that have been lost or are uncommon. For someone like me who is fascinated with stories and history about such dishes and food in general, the major part of this blog will be to revive and present those dishes on The H Table.