The Variation One

The street food scene in India is beyond ones imagination, its something thats constantly evolving & yet is grounded and carry forwards the legacy. One such delicacy is Kachori. Mostly found in many parts of India, but in different tastes, and textures. Lilva from Gujarat, Banarasi from Kashi thats softer, Delhi Kachoris thats served with aloo, Bengal’s delicate matar kachori, Maharashtra’s Shegaon kachori, Nagori kachori with halwa, the list goes on….But the best ones according to me are from Jodhpur, its place of origin.

During my trips to Jodhpur, I made sure to never miss on these beauties! Pyaz ki kachori, Mawa Kachori, or just plain ones with dahi are divine! My take on them is little bitter & tangy. Crispy kachori topped with black tea & tomato chutney, serves the purpose of making these kachoris ‘chaat-y’.

Fact: The kachori in the desert has spices that are usually known as ‘thanda masala’, essentially coriander and sounf, making these kachoris well-suited for the climate.

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