The Blurry One

If there is something after Gulab Jamuns for me it has to be Phirni. Nothing beats the chilled & creamy Phirni that’s served and consumed in a Sakora, (earthen bowl). The origins of the dish is sort of blurry. Most people believe that it was introduced to India during Mughal era and served as creamy and lite dessert after a heavy meal.

I am shocked when people around tell me that its just kheer in another form. Well, I don’t deny that the use of rice makes it appear like a Kheer, but they completely miss the fact that Phirni is something that has a whole new texture. The texture and temperature is what makes Phirni different from the ‘average’ Kheer! I know many of you might not agree with me when I say Kheer is ordinary. It isn’t special to me because, if Ayurveda is to be considered Kheer should be made of millets, millets that are native to India. There are references of Kheer like dish with Jowar & Milk in Ayurveda.

Fact: A good Phirni that is served in earthen bowl will hold onto it when turned upside down.

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