The 50-Year Old

They say Mumbai, I hear Vada Pav!
Firstly, I am sorry to all the Mumbaikars viewing this post.
Secondly, Since I started being active here, all I wanted was to give Vada Pav a different look. Thats it! I have done it, committed a sin! But hey, it just looks black, rest its Aapli Mumbaicha taste.

I have plated this gothic looking black vada with chai ki chutney. Yes, you read that right. Spicy & Tangy that’s what it taste like, with lingering taste of black tea. I couldn’t commit more crime by messing with the iconic taste of vada. So, adding the element of this chutney is what The H table is all about. And the idea behind plating, chutney slathered, sliced pav with piping hot vada, is there something to not like? I want the guest who eat this, experience the thrill of assembling a vada pav.

Finally, what can I say about this iconic dish, though it’s been just about 50 years young, its something that defines a Mumbaikar. It’s said that in late 70’s, Balasaheb Thackeray appealed to Maharashtrians to become entrepreneurs the way South Indians had by setting up Udupi restaurants. The motivated Ashok Vaidya, the inventor of Vada Pav, whose stall was stationed just outside Dadar station. The 1970s and 80s were tough times with textile mills strikes that eventually led to the closing of many. Resultantly, many former mill workers opened Vada Pav stalls of their own with the encouragement of Shiv Sena. And rest is history.

Fact: Vada pav is considered to be immunity boosters for Mumbaikar, no kidding!

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