The Soulful One

BANARAS: That’s what I call this dish. I dedicate it to one of the oldest city in the world. It was year 2015 when I first visited Kashi, and I was mesmerised by the calmness the city had. The ghats, the people, the food, all of it has a charm like no other city. Pace of life so slow and at ease that it makes you wonder, what is the purpose of life?

This chaat plated here is my elevated take on very famous & unique to this iconic city. The “tamatar chaat” perfected over generations can be found in the lanes of Kashi. In my version the use of fermented tomatoes granita resembles the calmness of this city, the two mash, potato & peas relates to the ghats of Banaras, the two gels of chutney are for the people of the city & the papdi crumble is to the bustling lanes where people gather in the evening to have a piece of this soulful city.

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