The Devoured One

Cardamom Saffron Cake layered with Sweet split bengal gram on bed of dark chocolate with roasted sesame

Chana dal or Toor Dal, Flour, Jaggery, Clarified butter. This four ingredeits brings the whole of Western India to make the most iconic dish: Puran Poli.
If we look at history, this dish reflects the the lifestyle & economic scenes of Maratha, Gujarati, Parsi community living in Western India. As a dish it easily crosses all the barriers and is made with slightly changes in each community. Like in Gujarati community its made in a thick round shape filled with Toor dal, while in Marathi its made thin with Chana dal. Parsi community makes Dar-ni-pori something very different, a thick poli almost cake like filled with dried fruits & nuts.

Being from Mumbai in Maharashtra one cannot miss the most essential dish during any festival. PuranPoli, an indigenous Maharashtrian food, loved and devoured in almost every household in the state. I recall my childhood and how eagerly I waited to be made and served hot with a big dollop of clarified butter.

While today we celebrate every other fancy & random sweet, we most not forget our humble Puranpoli. Its here to stay deep-rooted in our tradition for years to come. And this here is my respect to the iconic sweet dish.

History fact: The first reference of PuranPoli can be found in The Manasollas, also known as Abhilashitarth Chintamani, an early 12th-century Sanskrit text composed by the South Indian king Someshvara III of the Kalyani Chalukya dynasty.

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