The Affectionate One

Another dish that has been inspired by my travel to Medikeri and Udupi in Mangalore. I was on road trip with my friends and as all trips, this too was no different in terms of exploring food in and around. We came across a small shop in Medikeri, it was early morning and the place had just started to be operational. The owner was a straight forward guy with a place where the customer is expected to have no nonsense attitude. The dish I had was Avalakki served with curd and sugar to mix.

A basic and no fuss dish to directly feed your soul. No kidding. I have never tasted such delicate and flavourful Avalakki aka Poha. Just basic spices with flatten rice mixed in it. This here is progressive representation of memory of the heavenly dish. It’s been 5 years now since I visited that place and ahead towards Udupi, to seek blessings of Lord Krishna.

Speaking of Lord Krishna, my favourite God, a timeless tale comes to my mind. Tale of friendship, tied by flatten rice. Sudama a friend of Krishna once came to meet Him & seeing his massive palace and wealth was ashamed and started to go back. Just then Krishna noticed that he was hiding a bag full of flatten rice. Krishna pounced onto it & started enjoying the rice with much gusto. Sudama thanked Krishna and left the palace. And it is said, when Sudama went back to his home, he found his whole house was transformed, and he had all the riches in his house. He said, “Sudama, the poorest gifts given to me with love is dearer to me than the richest of gifts given without love”.

Plated: Homemade peanut yogurt, Spiced caramel flatten rice, and raw curry leaves.

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