The Precursor One

Focaccia. Shot by:

What do you imagine when I say, a flat bread topped with veggies, meat, olive oil, spices? I know most of you must think of it to be Pizza. Well, its not, this here is the prototype of what we call Pizza today, this here is Focaccia.

Wells for toppings
Texture inside

A classic looking Focaccia after fermenting has wells created in it with finger tips. The wells or spots in the yeasted dough is then filled with toppings of ones choice; the most famous being of rosemary, tomatoes and olive oil. There are endless possibilities of flavours one can explore with Focaccia, it can be savoury, sweet, sour.

For my piece of bread, I decided to go classic from streets of Bombay, the taste everyone relates to, Pav Bhaji. The airiness of bread, spicy flavour of masalas, and olive oil with butter gives this piece of history its much needed Indian touch.

The name of the focaccia comes from the Latin “focus”, that is “cooked on fire”. It was staple food for by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks, around second century. Later, it was introduced to Italians and as we know today, it’s been part of their cuisine.

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