The Cart One

Apart from salivating, what do you do when you think of Chaat ? You make it! And that’s what I did this weekend. Of course, with my own take on it.

Being away from home, from India its inevitable to not miss chaat, the tangy, saucy, zesty, an instant burst of flavours in your mouth. The roadside vendors with their chaat carts, ‘Thela’ as we call it, is to be missed when you are in a country like Canada.

What makes a good Chaat ? Sure there are masalas that does the job but what we generally overlook is the chutneys. Yes the brown tamarind/dates, & green coriander and chillies chutney which is usually served in chaat. But, here is my version of the simple Papdi chaat that shows the vibrancy of my motherland India.

Talking about Papdi, these small domes are the papdis that I baked. Whats so special? It is stuffed with Blueberries. Also, replacing the brown tamarind chutney with blueberries chutney, it’s as tangy, spicy, zesty as a tamarind one, in-fact more flavourful. Use of dahi (yogurt) is essential in a Papdi chaat and here I have used hung yogurt with masalas, again with a twist, its frozen.

‘Papdi chaat’, a combination of colours and textures that is so tempting that one can hardly stop themselves from indulging. I tried my hand at making it this weekend and it turned out pretty amazing.

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