The Isolated One

So, off late I have been hooked upto trying “Ragi”. To those who don’t know what ragi or nachani is, it’s an Indian grain. The english name for ragi is Finger Millet.

With so much fast food, street food, and the instant cooking trend, we have forgotten our very own “Ragi”. We have been so used to eating wheat and refined flour, that doesn’t make us look beyond it. But, there are recipes and tastes beyond what we eat in day to day life.

Ragi is mostly cultivated in the hilly regions of India, where it is a staple diet for many. People use ragi in various form, the mountain people use it to make rotis. I have tried making the roti, the madua roti as they call it and it is the most amazing roti I have tasted.

We now often look for gluten free or healthy ingredients to cook and eat. Ragi is gluten free! So, after trying the roti, I wanted to use it as something else, a dessert to be specific. Upon thinking and looking up for it, I stumbled on this dish called, Tizann.

Tizann is a Goan dish made of Ragi. It’s a traditional Goan recipe that’s made with Goan jaggery, coconut milk. The texture of it is like a mousse or pudding but with the healthy ingredient of Ragi. It’s healthy, it’s nutritious, and it has medicinal benefits as well. The best part, can be savoured hot or cold. Here, I have added a bit of black pepper & cardamon powder to lift the nutty flavour of Ragi.

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