The Displaced One

Image: Het Shah Studio

As I said in my first post on this page, food is something that binds us together, knowingly or unknowingly. This is one such dish that crossed the border during India-Pakistan partition and maybe just like many other refugees, it too got displaced.

For me the dish is representation of how two different foods can be combined and how perfectly they balance, without taking away anything from each other. Infact, both the ingredients give each other a lot, no matter how divided or different they are. Now, this is what “WE” were and should have been.

The dish is Murgh Cholya, a recipe that’s lost in time, a forgotten dish. The dish is said to be originated in historical city of Lahore, before the partition & it still remains there. Its undoubtedly a Punjabi dish but for some reasons it isnt popular in India.

Ever wondered how a dish might taste when you first hear about it? This is one of the dish for me that instantly made me think the taste and flavors it has to offer. At first I was a bit skeptical about making and trying it. Just imagine all the spices that are into the recipe and the juices of both ingredients are infused into each other while cooking. Murgh with Chole is magic.

Fun Fact: The sarso da saag that we love so much, is actually a Pakistani dish which is adopted by India and now it’s ours.

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